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For most users, the choice of a satellite television system starts with selecting their broadcasting language, which determines their available satellite system options. For Russian speakers, the two most popular satellite television services are NTV Plus and Tricolor TV.
Another popular satellite television system is the attractively priced Hotbird Satellite Reception System, one of todays leading systems, with an impressive 300 channels in a variety of the worlds languages at no subscription fee. For Russian speakers, this system may seem slightly disadvantaged for its limited number of Russian-language channels, however, a few of those are available, such as ORT, RTR, RTR Sport, EuroNews, The First Christian Channel, Caspionet, Adjara TV, and Music Box Russia.

All of the above-mentioned satellite services can be integrated into a single solution for over 360 satellite channels, by installing two satellite dishes, one for NTV Plus, and one for Hotbird, or, alternatively, a single 120 cm multi-feed dish (featuring an extra converter box). A single 120-cm satellite dish is a good solution for receiving two satellite services where installing two satellite dishes is difficult or undesired.

Tricolor TV Satellite Television System

Hotbird Satellite Television System

NTV Plus Satellite Television System

NTV Plus + Hotbird Satellite Television System

Astra Satellite Television System

Satellite Television System with a Rotatable Dish

Satellite Television System with a Power Bracket
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